What’s Going on Right Now (4/28/11)


Spring Flowers by El Frito
Image by El Frito

You can hardly escape coupon-mania due to all the buzz around the TLC show Extreme Couponing. Those stockpiles are a little nuts, but if you’re like me you’re also a little jealous (guilty?) they’re getting household necessities for next to nothing (or in fact nothing)! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 60 hours  a week to devote to couponing or a spare room to serve as storage facility. Still, it seemed like there were some sound principles at the core of the extremity. I don’t need 250 deoderants just because they’re $.10, but can I get five or six?
A friend pointed me to the awesome site SouthernSavers.com, where someone does the legwork for you! There are lists of deals by store or product type; by under-$1 items and good-stock-up-price lists. You can make printable shopping lists by store right from the lists she gives. All for free!

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Chris Brogan wrote about storefronts, where he discusses how digital marketing coincides with traditional retail sales tactics. A great post to share with those who still don’t understand why they should market online. He also wrote a very practical list of tips for flying. He sounds like me at the airport, which makes me feel good! I can’t think of a tip to add, except to suggest that you buy a Kindle {Amazon Affiliate link}. 🙂

Seth Godin makes a poignant point on the way our economy is changing as a whole:

It takes a long time for a generation to come around to significant revolutionary change. The newspaper business, the steel business, law firms, the car business, the record business, even computers… one by one, our industries are being turned upside down, and so quickly that it requires us to change faster than we’d like.

It’s unpleasant, it’s not fair, but it’s all we’ve got. The sooner we realize that the world has changed, the sooner we can accept it and make something of what we’ve got. Whining isn’t a scalable solution.

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“If you really believe that those who don’t have faith in God will burn in hell for eternity, how much do you have to hate someone not to share the gospel with them?” An atheist (Penn Gillette) tells the story of a man who gave him a Bible.

Gene Veith discusses how a group of atheists is trying to get a chaplain approved for the military. I’m all for it. We already have Buddhist, Muslim, and other types of chaplains. Of course atheism is a religion. Faith in “chance” (the Big Bang, etc.) is definitely a religion. I’d much rather them be recognized this way than always trying to pretend (like in the school system) atheism is the lack of a religion when in fact it probably requires more faith than the rest of them put together.