Encouragement from genealogy passages?

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Image by jinterwas

This year I am taking the 3650 challenge, where we read 10 chapters of the Bible a day. There is a wonderfully encouraging Facebook group where we talk about what we’ve read and challenges we’ve encountered or breakthroughs we’ve had. Today a woman noted that she’s struggling with the genealogy passages in Chronicles.

Several things have helped me:

  1. Listening to the genealogy passages rather than reading them myself. No skimming!
  2. Knowing that some in other cultures have been brought to Christ by these very passages, seeing the legitimacy and history of Jesus’ lineage.
  3. A friend once told me she likes to think of how God must read these lists. To Him it must be like flipping through a scrapbook of loved ones.
  4. Imagining the full, individual lives each of these people led. It also helps me be thankful I live after God sent His Son to die for us so we are no longer slaves to the Law but recipients of such grace.